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Monday, January 30, 2012


Overall, this blog is about human welfare on a global scale, with some attention to national, local and personal issues.  This post gives provides an index by topic to previous posts.

Here is a summary of the major themes in this blog. 
My first theme is to examine the relationship between GDP and the physical well-being of people in a society.   Second, I look at energy consumption and integrity as important factors in determining GDP.   My third theme is peak oil, and consideration of how we will provide the future energy necessary for human health and development.   My final general theme is integrity and fairness in government and society.

GDP and Human Welfare
In Praise of GDP
Data Visualization

GDP as a Function of Energy and Integrity
The Wealth of Nations
Corruption vs. per Capita GDP
Oil Consumption and Productivity

Alternative Energy
Can we replace gasoline by driving electric cars?

US Oil Consumption and Oil Imports
US Oil production and Oil Imports
Oil Imports, Trade Deficits, and the US International Investment Position

Peak Oil
Peak Oil I   Theory of Peak Oil
Peak Oil II   Oil Production by Hemisphere
Peak Oil III    Forecasting Future Oil Discoveries

Energy Return on Investment

US Economy
Geography of a Recession

Data Visualization

Limits to Growth

On Progressive Risk-Taking

Alaska Oil and Gas Production

Climate Change

Corporate Governance, Integrity
Corporate Governance Reform
Executive Compensation

US Federal Budget
Federal Budget
Military Spending

Stalin Remembered

Creative Process

Edmund Burke

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